Bard New Orleans Exchange


Our Mission

The Bard New Orleans Exchange seeks to engage students as broadly as possible with the city of New Orleans as it stands today: battered yet vibrant, neglected yet determined. Over 180 students have traveled to the city to fix storm-damaged homes, stabilize schools on the brink of collapse, lead Expressive Arts workshops in after-school and summer programs, as well as carry out research and planning projects with communities eager to take rebuilding into their own hands. In particular, we have partnered with the neighborhood of Broadmoor, a diverse community that has done an astounding job of grassroots organizing. We seek to balance our hands-on engagement in New Orleans with work in the classroom and across the campus community, creating resources such as panel discussions, New Orleans-based classes, film screenings, and lectures.

What We Do › 

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“This entire program would not have been possible without the help of Bard and the students that come through these halls two times a year.”
— Emily Wolff, Director of Community Programming, Wilson Charter School